Fun and Frolic on the Fourth

… Actually, it was on the Third. 😀

It was a nice weekend overall… a lot of stress Sunday morning (leading worship, playing keyboard and singing, doing communion music on whistles in the contemporary service; playing organ, doing special music and such on whistles, communion music on keyboard in the traditional service…) but a great time in the Lord’s house.

Then, our second year attending the huge Ludge-Pointe 4th of July Bash, the high point of our summer social calendar. 🙂 They put on a great, fun time for all sorts of families, including some of the finest illegal fireworks this side of the Kent County Jail. It’s always a blast, and it’s fun to be included in the group. (my favorite comment overheard right after the display was “Now, let’s pass the hat for bail money…” Mark Schut – philosopher and comedian)

Relaxed on the 4th, after weedwhacking the lawn into submission. Had an amazing ride in the park tonight, as is any opportunity to “get on my bike and ride…” (some people will recognize that song quote… others will be better off not knowing from whence it came…)

Some concerns have entered into my world, but I’ll ramble through those in days ahead. I would ask for extra prayer right now concerning my voice. Had a visit with the ENT doc today, and more testing is being scheduled. Details will follow… sometime. Right now, we’ve got to go buy dog food. 🙂

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