Father Daughter Banquet 2008

It’s that time again – WCSG’s Father-Daughter Banquet. I can’t even remember how long I’ve been playing at this event, but I love it every year. Seeing the dads and daughters all “fancied up” and having a special evening is such a treat. Since I have 98% of my music memorized, I’ve got the best seat in the house for some serious people watching, and it’s a hoot!

It’s especially fun to watch what happens when I pick up a really big whistle – the word kind of spreads on my side of the room in a wave, as people get tapped on the shoulder and told, “look at that thing he’s playing!” If I don’t pay attention to business, I could make a funny noise from laughing through the whistle. The biggest reaction was when I picked up my bass recorder and played “The Rose” – the wave of heads turning to look at that big monster was enough to raise a stiff breeze! 😀 (and, a number of dads and daughters walked by my little area, taking a good long look at the bass, and noticing that it’s taller than some of the daughters looking at it…)

2 other fun things about last night…

1) Watching Lee Geysbeek (a.k.a. “Wally”) walking around with his granddaughter. He’s SO old… 😀

2) Playing “Remember When It Rained” in honor of Hannah, who labored so long at Father-Daughter past. This one’s for you, dearheart!

Oh – and if I can get one, I’ll post a picture of the AMAZING new vest Vicki made for me. Looks great with my tux shirt, and it’s very VERY shiny purple!!!

Ok – one down, one more tonight. 😀


  1. jenelle says:

    hmm… one of the events I miss most. I’m sure that you were a great addition again this year. It’s been at least 6 years that you’ve been playing.

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