Farewell, dear friend…

Note: If you’re the type of person that thinks that it’s silly to mourn the passing of an animal companion, this post is not for you. Feel free to move along…

It’s time. This afternoon, our beloved husky, Kira is going “to sleep.” She’s been declining for a while now, and things finally ran their course. We’ll be broken up for a while – she’s the first dog that we’ve raised from puppyhood, and was special in many ways… so please indulge me as I say goodbye…

Thanks for doing the Kira dance when Vicki comes home, even when you got to the point where your legs would give out…

Thanks for rubbing your head and cuddling so well.

Thanks for your beautiful blue and brown eyes, your soft fur, and your gorgeous husky smile.

Thanks for being Buddy’s “seeing eye dog,” and teaching him to be a great dog.

Thanks for accepting Ezri, even though it meant that she’d run all over you. That’s ok – she runs all over us, too.

Thanks for being a great companion, even though you would “blame” me when Vicki was gone for a few days.

Thanks for being Vicki’s dog. You were always momma’s Baby Girl.

Thanks for coming home when you’d sneak out of the yard. Hope you enjoyed the ride to the airport with the neighbors, before they returned you.

Thanks for being my mom’s favorite – and for coming home with us even though she wanted to keep you.

Thanks for taking Vicki’s place when she would have to get up before me – so smoothly that I didn’t even wake up or know she’d left.

Thanks for being a friend. We will miss you, TinyDog.


  1. Cal and Vicki, I empathize in your farewell. It was just over a year ago that we had to put our beloved dog, Sandie, of 13 years to sleep; time had run its course. I pray for the comfort of our Lord who understands, for not even a sparrow falls without His knowledge. Much love, Faith

  2. Couchy says:

    Cal, I am sad for you. Having only lost pets due to having too small of a house and weeping over it…I can’t imagine how it must feel to be in your place.

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