Day 6

Today, Vicki discovered that sometimes things come in forms that don’t fit inside the little cubby hole, such as 6 coupons for hugs. (And, that also satisfies her curiosity about where all that cardstock went that I was printing on…)

She has been enjoying her daily gifts… Now, that seems like a “duh” statement. But you have to know Vicki – she lives in the world of data and computer and manipulation of information. The warm, fuzzy world of a 25 day Christmas stocking is not something that generally makes a major foothold in her psyche. It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate it – it’s just that it tends to get put in it’s place along with the other 5000 or so other things that she’s running through her head at the same time. And, I understand and accept the fact that, most of the time, my wife’s attention is divided into so many pieces that you can’t even see the pie anymore – and yes, that does include attention for her hubby. (‘s ok – I know where her heart lies. 😀 ) So, for this (admittedly) small thing to make an impact on her day-to-day thought processes is something indeed. 😀

To quote the ever-profound Hannah, “good times indeed.”

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