Day 3…

Today was a day with an actual “gift” (not that the previous two days were bad… Quite the contrary, actually… 😀 ). But, it’s not here. Actually, I didn’t even order it.

We had been talking a while back and I mentioned that I needed to change my plan a bit – a church hadn’t sent a check for a program I did there a couple weeks back, so I couldn’t use that money to order the present. Turns out, Vicki had already ordered it. So, she bought her own present, while intending to give it to me.

The longer we’re married, the more our minds run alike. A scary thought. But compelling nontheless.

So, what was today’s gift? Season three of a television series that we both like. I won’t disclose the name, lest I either offend or give away the fact that we’re closet liberals in Covenant clothing… For those truly curious, the clue today for December Third, was “The Power of Three.”

On to day 4, and Vicki’s Advent adventure continues…


  1. Couchy says:

    West Wing?? I love that show, and am warming up to “Commander In Chief.”

    Not that that should indicate my political leanings. I am likely a minority within our building though.

  2. Cal says:

    Nope… Never even saw an episode of West Wing. Nice guess, tho…

    And, like we hadn’t already observed that in your office, the floor tilts pretty hard to port.

    Love ya anyway… and pray for you… a lot. 😀

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