Cool stuff I learned in Tennissee

To be totally fair, here’s some stuff I discovered in Nashville… there are less of them, because we weren’t there as long as we were in Missouri.

1) I like Bison. It was really tasty!

2) Having a bookshelf collapse right next to your bed will cost you in sleep. And make you dream of falling stuff.

3) Nashville has a lot of cool stuff, but it’s hard to see it. All the coolness kind of blends in to the other stuff, so it’s either all cool, or just well hidden.

4) The Country Music Hall of Fame is a big ol’ building. Next time I intend to enter it.

5) Same with the Grand Ol’ Opry.

6) Did I mention the Bison? YuMMM.

Thanks to Matt & Sam (and the perpetual motion machine they call Ethan) for a great time. We’ll be back. 😀

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