Come and git it!!!

Our UPS guy was definitely wondering what was going on here when he dropped off the 14 boxes today. 😀 Yes, the CD is done, and is here.

If you’re at C-stone, or in the neighborhood, you can drop by Vicki’s office – she has them there, and will be glad to pass them along to you.

1st Cov folks – just let us know if you’d like one or more, and we can place them in your mailboxes at church.

Not one of the above two? No sweat. Drop me a note at and we’ll hook you up. You can send us a check, or we accept PayPal, and we can ship your order right out.

The cost: $15 for the first CD, and $10 for each one after in the same order. (Of course, if you ordered one, got it, liked it, and want to buy others, we’ll probably extend that discount to you… if you’re especially nice to Vicki. She’s the boss, after all. 😀 ) Shiping goes on top of that, if applicable. We’ll let you know what the total is when you contact us.

We’re working on where this is going to be distributed, so that’s still in the future. It’ll also be available to purchase via download – I’ll post those details soon. But, of course, if you download it, you miss out on all the cute pictures and the commentary… OK, the latter isn’t a big selling point. But the pictures ARE really cute!

(Macey, who is our “Angelica” and whose pretty face is all over this puppy asked her mom, “am I famous now?” Yes you are, kiddo – you surely are!)

Thanks for all 4.78 of you that read this – you’ve seen the “behind the scenes” of the CD. And, at last, what I’ve been thinking about over the last few years is now reality. To God be the glory – great things He has done!

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