Adjustments: The first adjustment…

Whilst catching my breath in the telling of the tale of my surgery, I realized that I had something else going on in my head that needed to get put down. So, I shall. Now. Here.

So here’s my first thing: The MUNDANE seems to always outweigh the SUBLIME.

Isn’t that sad?

I’ve been through a few incredible weeks lately… From word that the surgery was approved, to God’s hand as we prepared to the procedure itself right up to these weeks of recovery, it’s been nothing short of amazing. And yet, all it takes is a day or two of “the same old grind” and I’m back to where I started. Mentally, that is. My innards are still as shuffled as they were when I came out of the operating room. (I pause while you try and get that image off your retina…)

I’ve been someplace that we all wish to go – smack dead center in the tidal force of the will of God. It’s a wild ride, an unstoppable force and somewhere that convinces you that absolutely nothing can hinder God when He moves. There is no stopping Him, no slowing Him down – when He moves, everything moves. And yet it’s all too easy to forget that rushing torrent and to get stuck in a mud puddle.

You arrive in the mud puddle, and start to believe that this stagnant water is all there is. That life is reduced to this little brown patch of stuff. It doesn’t take much to get you stuck there either – a small distraction, a tiny diversion, and splat – you’re waist-deep in the muck and don’t even realize that you’re stuck.

So let’s put it right out there: LIFE IS WONDROUS! Life in Christ is filled with light and wonder and amazing brilliance, but too often we settle for MUD. The mundane can outweigh the sublime, and all the wonder that is abundant life gets lost in a mud slide.

So, my first “adjustment?“ To be more like Edward Magorium – ”Toy Impresario, Wonder Aficionado, Avid Shoe-Wearer.“ Ok – not so much for the toys… except for Nerf guns. I love those things. And as for shoes, again, not so much. But wonder? Oh yeah. The world is full of wonder, and the days are too short to take it all in. So I dare not lose a moment stuck in mud – I don’t have time for muck, with so much wonder to pursue.

It starts with my focus – where do I look when I start my day? I need to lift my eyes, even on a grey day when rain obscures the sky. God has filled this world and this life and this new day with wonder, and it’s my job to recognize it – as much of it as I can. Out of a wonder-filled heart comes gratitude and praise, two things that can keep me mud-free.

Easy to say, hard to do. But I’m up for the challenge – lately, I’ve been doing a number of hard things. 😀

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