A wonderful time was had by all…

Well, we’re done with the away from home thing for a while, and the dogs are happy about that! (thanks Hannah for taking such good care of The Girls whilst we were away!)

Had an amazing time at The Shack of just relaxing and being together. In the aftermath of the Datatel conversion at Cornerstone, Vicki and I had been in survival mode – just do what’s necessary to get through another day, and move along. We had lost a bit of what it means to live together, when so much of our attention was focused elsewhere. So, in retrospect, these two times away were really important. Family Camp helped us learn how to relax once again – just to take time. Our time away this weekend helped us learn to be together once again – to turn our focus back to each other.

As for my trike, well, that’s a longer and nastier story. Maybe later this week… Don’t want to blow all that relaxation the first day back. 🙂

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