A time for every purpose…

It’s time.

It’s not only time, it’s way past time. Totally overdue.

I went into our basement today. That’s a good thing, since I hadn’t made the trek down there in like, 6 months or so. And I saw what Vicki had been telling me about – the basement is a disaster area.

Now, the whole house is a disaster, but for some reason I didn’t think the basement was that bad. Perhaps because when I was last down there, a path existed to get from area to area. Now, not so much. So the basement I remembered from half a year ago has become the basement that can’t be moved in.

Lots of cool things down there… Material for new clothes, some shirts I haven’t worn in a year or two (but that still are wearable – just need some mending), a recumbent bike that I want to get repaired to loan to a friend, and so on. Granted, there’s a lot of junk down there too, the kind that should either be up on eBay or Craigslist, or at the bottom of a very large dumpster. And the sight of it overwhelms me.

But not as much as it once did.

Momentum is a funny thing… gain some traction in one area, and it tends to help in others too. 50 pounds ago (or almost 50 anyway), everything was overwhelming. Just walking from bed to the bathroom was a big deal. Couldn’t stand for more than a few seconds without needing to sit, lest I fall over. Walking into a store? Forgedaboudit. Now, just a few pounds down (compared with how far I have to go), and things don’t seem to be as daunting as they once were. That is now spilling over into how I view our house. Instead of seeing nothing but the tiny path that leads from room to room, or being so depressed by the fact that we only live in two rooms of our house, I now feel like it’s time to make a move on it.

There is a lot to do. Cleaning up one thing is a little tiny drop in the bucket. But so is losing a pound, or two, or five. Suddenly, traction gets under the wheels, and the whole thing gets moving… not just one part, but the whole.

It’ll take time, it’ll take effort, and it’ll take help. We have time. We can do the effort. And gracious friends have offered for a LONG time to help when needed. Not to mention the chore board at church – I’d imagine that youth would be quite good at “carry this upstairs to the dumpster, please.” And the money goes for a great cause!

Then, maybe we can start fixing some things around here. And maybe (at last!) we’ll finally kill the dusty rose country wallpaper that I just LOVE around my studio. Yerch.

It’s time.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Turn, turn, turn. 😀

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