A few “daily” observations

Life changes. Constantly.

I didn’t say these were going to be profound observations…

So, I’m constantly trying to figure out those changes. In life.

I didn’t even promise coherent observations, just for the record…

I’m wondering this morning why the Lord seems to delight in making sure I don’t feel stable. (Do I need to pause here for the usual snickers, chuckles and eye rolls relating to “Cal” and “unstable?” Let me know… Thank you…) He brings things into life, things that would (at first glance) seem to be great opportunities for income, meaningful work and a chance for me to feel less “lost” and more like I “belong.”

And as fast as those things come in, they go right back out again. Temporary gigs, part-time participation. Never enough to allow me to put down roots and settle, but just enough to leave me clueless and confused as to what the HECK I’m supposed to be doing in this world.

(My counselor, who I honor and appreciate, would correct my wording here – it’s not what am I supposed to do – the phrase should be, what do I get to do? Not obligation, but freedom to enjoy what the Lord has for me in any given day. Obviously, I don’t quite get it yet. But I’m workin’ on it…)

Am I saying that my Father delights in leaving me twisting in the wind? No no no no. Alright, so what then?

Thus beginneth the observations…

1) The Lord has been repeating a lesson over and over to me… give us this day what we need for this day. He used a sermon from Pastor Craig to point my attention in this direction, and since it takes a long, long time to get my attention and even longer to keep it, He’s been steadily nudging me along until I finally get the point.

And that is?

That all I need for today is what He supplies today. Tomorrow? Nope. I can plan, speculate, consider, schedule, accommodate and prepare. But what I need for tomorrow will come tomorrow. Not today.

Which means…

2) He will be faithful to provide for the day’s need. Every day. He will not fail, He will not forget, He won’t go off on vacation and leave me stranded. He will provide. Every day.

Now here’s the kicker…

3) I can’t receive what I need for this day if I only see Him once a week. This was the one this morning that really smacked me alongside the ol’ noggin.

I’ll openly admit that a daily walk with God is a huge struggle for me and always has been. I can spout Christianeze all day, quote little pithy phrases from songs and verses, and know all the lingo to be accepted in Christian circles. But a daily passionate walk with Him? Not so much.

But I know He wants that for me.

How can He give me everything I need for this specific day if I only see Him once a week? Show up on Sunday, back my van (if I had one) up to the door, load up a week’s worth of supplies, smile, wave, and say “see you next week!”

Anybody else feeling like they just got smacked with a 2×4 upside the head? Yeah, I feel your pain.

So, a little of the mystery becomes plain…

I feel unstable (snicker, grin, guffaw) because I don’t come to the One who gives stability each day, to receive what I need today to be stable today.

I don’t feel like I belong, because I don’t come to the One who gave all that I could belong to Him.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do (or get to do) because I need to talk to the One who gives my agenda for the day.

I feel lost because I only get a map for today’s journey. I don’t get the whole road atlas with expanded views of major cities – just the route for today. And if I never come and pick up today’s map, I have no direction.

One thing this temporary job has taught me is how bad a “regular” job is for me, mentally. The “get up, go to work, come home, repeat” thing so clouds my mind that I lose sight of all of the small graces and everything that He is weaving together all around me. Other folks are more noble than I and can handle these things without losing sight of the One who holds it all together.

Me? Not so much.

(And no, that’s not just an excuse for my in-law’s when they wonder when I’m going to actually go out and get a “real” job. At least, I don’t think it is… If it is, it’s not a very good one, really…)

My daily existence, my temporary sojourn, no chance to put down roots? It keeps me aware of Him, right here, right now. What is He working on today? Where is His hand so clearly moving today? And how can I point to Him today and give Him the glory for all He is doing, for everyone, everywhere?

My job? To be faithful and wise with what He trusts me with, so that we can live within the means He provides. Don’t hoard stuff – get rid of it. Keep things free and open, because I never know where He’ll be sending me next. Be a faithful husband, a loyal friend, a willing servant. Be ready to go wherever, do whatever, and be exactly who He asks me to be.

And daily, every daily, receive what I need for this day. Resources, purpose, direction – everything necessary for what He has in store.

Father, give me this day what I need for this day. Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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