A couple of goodies

Well, a couple of nice things happened in the course of this week. And, since Vicki’s away, it’s always good to have good stuff to fill in the gaps until she returns.

First, the new mask is up and running perfectly. So much so that I don’t even get concerned when it’s time to settle down for the night. It works, I know it works, and there we go. And, I’m using a wonderful mask – probably the nicest one I’ve ever tried. Email me if such things are of interest to you, and I’ll gladly let you know all about it. It’s a great mask!

(To those who have no issue with sleep apnea, and no need to understand the mysteries of CPAP, I salute you. Believe me, when you need to wear this mask night after night, in order to sleep, it is a big thing… 🙂

Secondly, today was a strange day. I slept well, for 7 hours, which in CPAP years is about a month, and was on time for getting up, taking care of all those morning things that Vicki deals with and that I never thank her enough for (You rock, babe!!!), and ready to head out by 8:40am. We had an attendance-required awards chapel at the University today, so I needed to be there. The weird thing, is Vicki was using every avenue at her disposal (cell, house phone, I’m sure if she thought I’d hear her yelling all the way from Virginia, she’d have tried that too…) to make sure I was awake and on my way. Which I was. It just seemed a little odd that she was being really dedicated about it… Turns out she didn’t know what was coming, only that my boss, Dodd, had texted her and wanted to make sure I was awake and moving. 🙂

The chapel included some scholarship awards, and student recognitions, but the big part of it were staff awards, including the staff member of the year. Part of that was 40 or so Outstanding Achievment awards to various staff members. Several of my CU Radio brethren and sistern received awards, and it was fun to hear the radio staff hootin’ and hollerin’ for our teammates. (we’ve definitely earned our reputation as the loudest department at the University!)

And then, the surprize – hearing Dr. Rogers call “Captain” Cal Olson to the front for an award. Wow! The plaque mentions my work at His Kids Radio, and the successful launch of the first season of Toonz, of which I am the producer. I was truly delighted, and honored, and had my socks shocked off. As I was clambering down the bleachers toward the floor and the front, I was thinking “good deal this wasn’t a year ago – I never would have made it down these steps!”

That thought was confirmed as several folks commented at how fast I seemed to be moving down the stairs, which is another great achievement that gives me a lot of joy!

You know what the thing was that really hit me, tho? The award is amazing, and to be recognized among your peers is an honor that I feel unworthy of. But the thing that really grabbed me and placed a tear or two in my eye was seeing my name – “Captain Cal” on that plaque. Being the PD of His Kids Radio, the producer of Toonz, and a proud member of CU Radio – those things have great significance, and are amazing. But, being “The Captain” – someone who through God’s grace has the opportunity to influence young hearts and lives for the sake of Christ – well, that’s my calling. That’s my response to what was said to Esther – “for such a time as this you may have been called into this world.” And that is what moves my heart and fuels my imagination and sparks my passion – the call to reach out through whatever medium – storytelling, music, radio, whatever – and touch lives. Not for my own glory. Not to feel like a big shot. But to give honor and glory to the One who deserves so much more than my meager offering can ever bring.

Speaking of Toonz – it’s time to get back to it. We’re on show 245, with two left for the first season. Give glory to God, for He alone does marvelous things!


  1. ooie32 says:

    when i heard deb nelson get called, i thought ‘it’s about time radio got recognized as something other than the social pariah of the university.’ then when they got to you, i thought ‘way to go cal! i’m glad they understand the blood, sweat and tears that goes into producing a quality outlet in the kind of worldview context we have…’ or something like that. equally wordy for the other CU radio members…,and then when i got called it was ‘….?…’

    i am privileged to be serving alongside you–got yer back, dude.

  2. Kathy Cudney says:

    Congratulations! This is wonderful news. I hope someday to come meet you when in town to visit Topher and Cate (& of course the granddaughters). I listen to NorthernChristian Radio out of Gaylord and have often thought I would like to get the His Kids broadcast because this grandma is just a big kid at heart. Good luck with the continued weight loss. Praying for you.

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