A big first week!

As was the case last year, my first week on the liquid fast was a big one – 17 lbs lost. So, I’m actually now a bit lower than where I ended the “official” program last year, and just a few pounds away from the 100 lb mark total. Amazing! It was both a tough week, and a not-so-tough week. Some headaches and dizziness off and on, but still tolerable. We’ve learned from the things I had issues with last time, and are making adjustments to compensate this time.

I’m working with Dr. Osborne again – she’s a hoot! She’s very practical, down-to-earth, and really makes you believe that if you don’t straighten up, she could put the hurt on you, even though she’s smaller in stature. I feel privileged to have her watching over me again. 🙂

One more note, before life rolls along. This entire journey wouldn’t be possible without the support and encouragement of some key people, and I’ll be mentioning some of them from time to time. God alone gets all the glory for what is being accomplished, for He alone is making it all possible. His strength is being made perfect in my weakness, on a moment-by-moment basis…

But I want to take a moment to acknowledge the other person who is not only supporting me, but in a very real way, is walking the road along with me. From the moment I set out on this path, through the Lord’s graciousness, my beloved Vicki has been there beside me. Through the tough issues. Through the triumphs. Through everything. She makes my supplements for me, so that I don’t have to think about things like, “what shall I drink today,” which could lead to a big ol’ pity party and take my attention to what I’m not eating, instead of what I am. She goes to clinic with me, so that if I miss a detail in the program, she catches it. Every step, she is there, just as she has been for the past 22 years of our marriage. I could not do this without her love and support.

And, at the end of the day, what makes it worth it? Is it how I’m feeling these days? Is it out of some deep yearning to finally wear that Speedo? (don’t panic – it isn’t!) Is it improving the quality of my life? Well, it’s a little of all those things – except for the Speedo thing… that was just to make you laugh… But the bottom line is this – I do this because God is glorified in this journey, and I do this because of the light in Vicki’s eyes when she sees me succeed. Those two things make it all worth it, and I’d stay on this path for however long it takes just to know God is being glorified in my actions, and to see how proud Vicki is of me. That makes it all worth it.

Now, off to do a Google search for Speedos for the horizontally challenged. Hey – a guy can dream, can’t he? 🙂

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