11 hours? That ain’t right!

Yup. You read right. I actually slept for 11 hours last night. Wouldn’t have even gotten up if life hadn’t required it. Vicki reports that her “Rain Gauge O’ Sleep” (as in, my humidifier tank) was bone dry this morning.

I’m just not sure that all this increased sleep is a good thing, since it never seems to be enough. I always seem to want more than I got, even after 11 hours. So, while I am thankful for the rest, I am still wondering if more sleep required is pointing at something else…

Busy week this week. A number of children’s radio program producers are in town for a couple of days, and we’re doing the host thing. Which is an honor and pleasure. 😀 We had dinner with some of the folks last night, and there was much fellowship and laughter involved. I also finally met face-to-face with one of my role models in this whole kids radio gig, Mr. Nick from We Kids. His style and his open heart with the kiddos (which is a word I stole from him, btw…) have always been something that I pattern my air work after. What a joy to meet these people, and to have some time to share together in our common mission of reaching kids for Christ. Busy week, but fun!!! 😀

Oh – and a quick shout out and a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ironbutt. The beautiful thing about a blog is that I’m too far away for you to throw your little toy thingie at me. 😀 But never far away enough for other kinds of torment… Hmmm…. Never mind. Forget I even mentioned anything. In fact, don’t even tell Ironbutt that I said that, ‘k? 😀

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