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TBT + Update + Foreshadowing: The Tainted Legacy

Yup – this is a Throwback Thursday that also includes an update (A brief update – I promise!) and…
(Just getting to write all that gave me goosebumps… because I’m easily amused.)
UPDATE: As I move into a new reality, without 16-19 hours of my week occupied by my used-to-be-part-time-but-now-phased-out gig, it’s taking a little effort to try and swing into a new routine. Thus, the blog (and my writing in general) takes a hit, things grow quiet, and even my 4.78 devoted readers look at their watches and consider where their mouse might take them next… 
I’m trying to get back to all the fragments of thoughts, ideas, and pieces of Scripture that have been rolling around in my noggin lately, being used as tiny soccer balls by Steve the Mental Hamster, and turning the interior of my skull into one big soccer net. (And that little booger can kick HARD...)
THUS, THIS POST – TBT, with an update, that is FORESHADOWING a new post on Tuesday, (ooh, goosebumps!!) where we’ll be taking this thought of legacy and turning it on it’s head thanks to Solomon, the original Wise Guy. (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…)

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Pondering the Adjusting to the Pondering of the Adjusting…

Susie Finkbeiner, wise in the ways of writing and blogging, calls this type of blog post a “mutt…” One of those here’s what’s going on in my world, without any real content, sans poignant truths or lessons, nor any stuff that would further your career as a writer, or at least persuade people to join your “tribe” and build your “platform,” kinds of posts

And that’s all true.

But honestly, sometimes my head is buzzing so loudly that I simply want to sit back, look at some pictures, and think about where I’ve wandered lately. So I shall. Read more

Need vs. Want

“What do I want to do?”

“What does someone need me to do?”
“What would I love to do?”

“What would I love to do to meet someone else’s need?”
“What instrument would I love to play, just for the joy of playing?”

“What instrument do I need to play, to cover a part, fill in, or otherwise help?”

I know these are really odd questions. I’m an odd sort of person, so no surprise there. Read more

Foto Friday / Saggy Saturday: Get Off Your Tushy Edition

Normally (yeah, like that word ever applies to any of the fluffy goodness around here…) the weekend post is humorous, usually involves Beka, and usually illustrates any number of ways I tend to put my human thoughts into her canine noodle.

“But it is not this day.” (Thank you, Aragorn…)

I realized yesterday afternoon that something is seriously askew in my noodle, and needs to be fixed asap… Read more